Students Can Add Profile Pictures to Schoology!


Student taking a selfie

You asked and we listened (again)!

Based on the shear number of people using the Schoology LMS, one such area of improvement is the ability to personalize user profiles so others have a visual indication with whom they’re interacting. The LMS Administration team is able to finish phasing in the ability for all users to update their profile pictures based on the last few months of profile picture uploads by School Staff.

Is it all roses and sunshine?

Keep in mind, this new capability has its parameters, of which a chief concern is ensuring everyone is only using “school appropriate” images. No matter whether a staff member or a student, there is an expectation that everyone will continue to abide by the Computer Access and Internet Policy that governs the appropriate use of DoDEA technology resources. It is a critical and necessary reminder that anyone in violation of these Terms of Use can have their account suspended, with the possibility of further administrative action.

How do I set my profile image?

Now that we’ve gently reminded you with the consequence of using inappropriate content, we can get to the details of how to actually set your profile image. The following link is a guide to Adding Schoology Profile Pictures.  Alternatively, you can set a generic avatar picture if you’d like.