LMS Transition & Professional Development Time Request

Please read the following information in its entirety prior to submitting your request for Professional Development time

Teachers that are existing Blackboard Course Instructors are able to request authorization for Professional Development time to assist with the transition of their existing content to DoDEA’s new Schoology Learning Management System (LMS).

A request submitted using the below form will require manual review by the LMS Administration team at DoDEA Headquarters. Requests will only be approved if ALL of the following conditions are true:

  • The request falls within the guidelines outlined in the Weekly Packet Memo dated 4/10/2015;
  • All information in the subject request is completed accurately. Course names will need to be identified exactly as they appeared in Blackboard;
  • The request shall be submitted no later than 11:59PM EST on April 14, 2015;

In the case where multiple requests for the same Course are submitted by different Instructors, the DoDEA LMS Administration team will contact the requesting parties for further clarification.

Requestor Name:

Requestor Email Address:

Supervisor Name:

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Blackboard Course:


Notice: Submitting a Professional Development Time Request does not implicitly grant authorization for PD time. This request will require manual review by a separate authority.