How to migrate to Schoology (from Blackboard)


Time has been ticking away on DoDEA’s Blackboard contract which is set to expire in Q1 of 2015. And while many students, teachers and staff have already embraced the new Schoology Learning Management System (LMS) platform as its replacement, there are still some who patiently await the ever-so-gentle and encouraging nudge that comes from the abrupt decommissioning of a major enterprise technology. As is the case with Blackboard, you can expect to wish it farewell on January 30, 2015, so you may want to consider this your nudge.

In anticipation of that day, DoDEA Virtual School and IT staff have been collaborating to develop training materials that will assist folks with the transition from Blackboard to Schoology. In addition, DoDEA Instructional Designer, Jonathan Barkand, will be hosting two webinar sessions on December 9th focused on helping people “get their migration on”. If you are enrolled as an Instructor in a Blackboard Course, or as a Leader in a Blackboard Organization, you won’t want to miss these sessions. To learn more, or to register for these training sessions, login to Schoology and visit your Recent Activity feed for a post entitled “Live Training” from Jonathan Barkand. If you prefer the self-study method and want to begin learning the new Schoology LMS by getting your hands dirty, make sure to visit the Schoology Orientation course. There, you will find helpful training tutorials to assist with migrating your existing Blackboard content.

If you’re not ready to take make the leap yet, we still strongly encourage you to visit the Schoology Orientation course, or signup for one of the December 9th webinars. These resources will get you on the path to saving your content outside of Blackboard for use at a later date.  Follow the links below for additional information.

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