DoDEA selects a new K-12 Learning Management System

The new LMS, Schoology, will provide a robust and user-friendly online presence to support the Virtual School Program, blended learning applications for K–12 classrooms in brick-and-mortar schools, informal professional learning communities and online staff professional development. It will replace the Blackboard LMS that has been used within DoDEA for the past ten years.

The newly adopted system includes a strong set of content creation, instruction, assessment, and collaboration tools to both replicate and extend modalities found in a traditional K–12 classroom environment. The Schoology LMS also supports online collaboration that is integral to staff professional learning and training opportunities.

Because the LMS is integral to the classroom presence for teachers and students operating in the DoDEA Virtual High School (DVHS), the new LMS will be phased into DVHS operations at the beginning of fall semester 2014. The new system will be phased in for application to blended delivery in conjunction with face-to-face instruction, informal professional learning communities and online staff professional development during the remainder of the fall semester.

In preparation for this implementation, Information Technology and DVHS personnel are in the process of making the necessary system configuration and preparing migration procedures for content that will need to be moved from Blackboard to Schoology by spring 2015. Area, district and local school administrations are urged to share this information with staff and take time to review current content managed within Blackboard to determine priorities for migration and archiving. Access to Blackboard will be available through January 30, 2015, to accommodate the migration to Schoology. User orientation sessions and online resources (e.g., webinars, online modules, and quick tips guides specific to users’ roles) will be available in the fall 2014 to provide guidance for migrating content from Blackboard to Schoology and assist users with developing content within the new system. Details will follow as we prepare for SY 2014–15.