DoDEA Schoology Overview for Educational Technologists

June 2014, Virtual School Instructional Designer, Jonathan Barkand – in conjunction with DoDEA Headquarters Information Technology and Educational Technologist staff – held a series of 3 webinar sessions focused on the DoDEA’s newly acquired Learning Management System (LMS), Schoology. These sessions were designed to raise awareness and to introduce features of the organization’s new LMS to the District Educational Technologists, who will be using the system and providing targeted support to school level staff at the start of next school year.

The overall response from these sessions was overwhelmingly positive. The questions raised by participants during these sessions were thoughtful and provided insight to common themes that the implementation team are currently working to address for both the initial deployment of the system, and long range support. Questions and responses from all three sessions have been compiled into a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document, and a recording from one of the sessions has been posted below.

Schoology Educational Technologist FAQ