Authentication Issues on the eLearning Portal

“Don’t worry, we’ll get through this together”

As with all things technology, our eLearning Portal is experiencing some temporary technical difficulties – in this case, authenticating Google Apps users. If you receive an authentication error such as the one below, please refresh your browser until you are able to login.


We are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it. For those who are interested in the cause of the problem, keep reading…

This summer there have been substantial changes to the hosting infrastructure for the eLearning Portal.  In addition to migrating the website to our central data center, we have also on-boarded the website onto Akamai to optimize page load times, site resiliency, and security.  In doing so, we have come across some interesting behavior in certain web browsers (Firefox and Chrome) that are handling the authentication requests from Google in a manner that we hadn’t intended.  This issue does not occur consistently for everyone, and in fact, if you already have an established session, you won’t even be asked to re-authenticate.

So why does the authentication break down? We believe this has to do with the hybrid authentication being passed through Akamai, who is then setting certain header flags to initiate the local user’s browser to improperly cache session information. We are working with them to investigate, and hope to have a resolution shortly. Until we get this resolved,  CTRL + F5 (refresh) is your friend!