Adding your Profile Picture to Schoology (finally)


You asked and we listened!

It’s been six months since we originally launched DoDEA’s new Schoology LMS platform, and the response from our user community has been largely positive. And while we’re thrilled that there’s been such an overwhelming adoption of the new system, we continue to look for areas to improve our users’ experience. Based on the shear number of people using the LMS to collaborate and deliver online instruction, one such area of improvement is the ability to personalize user profiles so others have a visual indication with whom they’re interacting. Well, after months of deliberating, the LMS Administration team is finally able to begin phasing in the ability for our users to upload their profile pictures (yeah, we’re excited too)!

The Reality and the Rollout

Keep in mind, this new capability doesn’t come without its parameters, of which a chief concern is ensuring folks are using only “school appropriate” images. Taking this into consideration, we will be implementing a phased release approach beginning with DoDEA staff accounts including educational technologists, school administrators, counselors, teachers and above school level staff. The LMS Administration team will monitor user activity to identify any unforeseen issues related to this new feature rollout, and adjust our internal protocols for response as necessary. This will help to provide insight and prime the team when it comes time to roll this feature out to students.

No matter whether a staff member or a student, there is an expectation that everyone will continue to abide by the Computer Access and Internet Policy that governs the appropriate use of DoDEA technology resources. It is a critical and necessary reminder that anyone in violation of these Terms of Use can have their account suspended, with the possibility of further administrative action.

The Goods

Now that we have all the formality out of the way, we can get to the details of how to actually set your profile image. A special thanks to Jonathan Barkand for developing this handy guide to Adding Schoology Profile Pictures.

See how we made you read until the end so you didn’t miss the reminder about the Computer Access and Internet Policy? We’re clever like that…