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Schoology User Portfolios


Over the past year, we’ve received a consistent flow of messages from staff and students requesting the ability to create and share portfolios of their own work inside of Schoology. Many of those inquiries came from the knowledge that Schoology had released this feature to their enterprise clients during the 2015/16 school year. Around that time, we worked closely with the New York based contractor to test the functionality of the portfolio feature, but made the thoughtful determination to wait on releasing portfolios until additional privacy controls were available to further protect student and staff work.

After several months of receiving client feedback, Schoology has addressed and released an update to the privacy control settings. We are happy to now announce that we have recently turned on the portfolios feature to all users within DoDEA’s enterprise Schoology instance! Here’s a quick rundown of what exactly the portfolio feature provides, and how you can expect to use it:

The portfolios are intended to function like a showcase of your work. You may publish your portfolio to share it with everyone at your school, or choose to make it private as a personal archive. …

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